Cradle of the Day

Adjusting to life on the Graceful Swan had not been easy for Ale Aukema. Yes, it was better than living in the Undercity. Safer, at least.

But she had no idea how to handle the social side of things. So when King Ru Shashi asked her to be his aide, to guard his back and help him deal with his birth clan, Ale accepted.

Eka Losnedahl was trapped between the vacuum and the blaster. Worst part was that xe’d been put there by xyr supposed friends Dominque and Brogan. Xe wasn’t sure there was way out that didn’t involve lots of blood spilled.

Then xe met Ale and all thoughts of battling Dominique and Brogan disappeared. Abandoning xyr sides was the easiest choice that Eka had ever made. Ale was worth it.

But their shotgun marriage revealed a conspiracy that could destroy not just Eka and Ale’s lives but all humanity throughout the galaxy.