Day Hunt on the Final Oblivion

The command staff offices for the human habitat on the Final Oblivion were the most butt ugly places Esme had ever worked in her entire life. Bare steel walls, cobbled together desks, no sound dampening at all; It sucked.

Made for easy eavesdropping on the change in command staff, though. Commander Kesha was being replaced, hallelujah finally, though the new commander didn’t look like much of an improvement.

Didn’t matter. Esme would keep her head down and enjoy her quiet investigations job.

Or she would have. Both commanders disappeared and an enemy she’d thought long gone appeared from nowhere, catapulting Esme from her anonymity into the center of a conspiracy that spanned the galaxy and affected all the alien races, even the ancient Creators.

Worse, Esme might be the only one who could save everyone’s lives. If she survived the day.

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