Emerald Blast

Steam billowed around Esme Amsel, stained sulfur-yellow by the coating on the dome.

London MacNeil and her spanking new train, sent special by the Queen to find out everything there was to know about Hell and the blood worms, were gonna get Esme and Chinwendu killed.

Damn suicide mission, this.

Especially as sabotage rose, people died and the mystery of who was bombing the city tangled into a knot that even Esme wasn’t sure that she could sort out.

With her wife Chinwendu at her back, Esme would face something worse that monsters, man-eating moss and sure death: politics.

Emerald Blast is a Steampunk mystery on the worst world touched by the Clockwork Rifts. Queer people and people of color are sure to enjoy this thrilling mystery.