Gods Above and Below

Collection #1

Gods dwell in everything. The sky, the earth, roses, frogs, everywhere. Above, below and between, the Gods imbue everything with life.

And death.

When Dorji Kita goes mad and kidnaps Prince Cyrille and his soulbond, the warrior Akuchi, it falls to gardener Xun Rosario and her newly formed team to save them.

No matter the cost to Dorji Kita.

Or to them.

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  • The Heat of the Thorn
  • Door in the Wind
  • Rising Sword of the Blue Flames
  • Silent Voyages of the Last Winter
  • Thief of the Moon
  • The Ice’s Voyagers
  • First Snake of the Dwindling Ships
  • Kiss of the High King’s Illusion
  • The Roses of the Slaves
  • Red Lords and the Darkest Hunter
Available at:
Amazon Kobo Smashwords