Mortal Stream of the Undead Sky

Eko set xyr back against a block. Big, solid, wide enough to hide ten of xem.

Needed it. Henny and Ade were missing in the mist, possibly dead because there weren’t enough explosions going off. Not enough gunfire, either.

How the hell had Rajani Pavic, of all the idiot speculators, gotten the drop on them? Unexplored dome, shouldn’t have been anyone around. But now he was here, xe was cut off and xe had no idea where xyr partners were.


Eko would get Henny and Ade back. They’d get back to the airlock. They’d escape. And if Rajani got in the way, well, he’d pay for it.

Moral Steam of the Undead sky is a pulse-pounding steampunk adventure sure to stick in your mind for years.