Prescription for the Perfect Dinner

Hyacinthe shuddered as she snapped back into her body. Or forward? Down? Hell, time travel was confusing.

Didn’t matter. She was back before everything went wrong and this time she was going to make sure she kept her family safe.

Not those assholes she was related to. Her real family. Ainsely, Shelly, Hibiki and Adi, the family she’d found and built. Misfits and oddballs, all of them.

Didn’t matter.

They were Hyacinthe’s and by fuck, everyone better stay the hell out of her way this time because no way was her family suffering this time around. She’d sacrificed too much to let that happen.

Prescription for the Perfect Dinner brings found family together with urban fantasy to create a story that queer people of all kinds are sure to love.