The Haunted Half-Light

Clouds billowed overhead, monstrous, dark, shot through with lightning that never struck. Kanti stared up and up and up as ashes drifted around her.

Her nightgown drifted in a wind she couldn’t feel. No heat, no ash, no sound.

“You’re dreaming.”

A dream of fiery destruction, of burning the world down. Kanti turned, stared at the woman who’d spoken into the silence. Too strong for beauty, too alive for this dead place.

Dreaming. Trapped in this fiery hell as her life was sucked away, just like work.


She would not die here, would not submit to being burned to ash by forces outside of her. No!

The Haunted Half-Light is a Halloween story of rage, magic and reality that will linger in the back of your mind long after you stop reading.