Tidal Zone

Six months filming trash in the Great Garbage Patch from under the water’s surface had dolphin-shifter Barrie ready for a vacation. A good long one, preferably with someone cute. Once his report was done at the Seattle Climate Change conference, he was so chilling out.

If he could. What with Ma calling him all the damned time and the stress of the conference, Barrie was about ready to shift back to his dolphin form and never come back to land. Anything was better than dealing with Ma again.

He was ready to swim for the sunset until he met Alek, a tiger shifter with a history and PTSD to match it.

Now Barrie has to figure out how to get Ma to back off while romancing the first guy he’s met in a long damned time who understood and accepted Barrie. Because if he couldn’t get Ma to leave Barrie alone, Alek and Barrie’s jobs were both history.

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