Adrian loved his sister Michi but her marriage was going to drive him crazy. Once she was off on her way to Montana to start a new shifter pack with her mate Sal, he could relax. Heck, once he got them all off to the reception he’d be done.

At the reception, Adrian discovered Leslie hiding in the kitchen bathroom. Their quiet talk on the back steps led to a job offer and an old lover at both their throats.

Dealing with international smuggling rings and Evan’s threats was simpler than sorting out what to do about their rising attraction to each other.

The question wasn’t could they be good together.

It was what divided Beta from Alpha? And did it matter with so much on the line?

Adrian is a MM shifter romance that features past partner abuse, attempted murder, smuggling rings and wolf packs with All The Kids. These queer shifters falling in love is a guaranteed winner. Don’t miss out—get Adrian now!

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